Hesco launch TERRABLOCK to protect against urban threats


The latest product range from Hesco has been launched by the brand who have been providing innovative security solutions to combat hostile threats since 1991.

TERRABLOCK is designed for use on corporate and civilian areas and is a product which has been five years in the making. Originally deployed at the London Olympics in 2012, TERRABLOCK has been developed to respond to the increased security threats and challenges that the world is currently facing.

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Preventing hostile vehicles from entering public spaces, the security barrier has little impact on the environment, and provides peace of mind to the public that their security is being maintained by a leading security provider, who have experience in protecting some of the most hostile environments in the world.

Using an anti-climb mesh to provide surface mounted protection, the range includes five specifications – the XL, XR, XT, XV and XS – each designed to provide specialist protection. Using a patented energy displacement system across the range, TERRABLOCK is able to withstand a 15,000lbs truck travelling at speeds of 50mph, and can be built upon to include additional protection systems.

Used to protect oil and gas infrastructures across the world and at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, TERRABLOCK is a security solution which can be used across a range of environments where a high level of security is required.

In addition to providing crash-rated protection, the barrier can also be branded so that it remains in-keeping with an organisations image and remains inconspicuous.

A security solution from a leading provider of defence products, TERRABLOCK is able to provide protection against the current volatile threats that the world is facing.


Hesco launch TERRABLOCK to protect against urban threats

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