Lithuanians gathered 120 thousand Euro to support Ukraine


Blue/Yellow proudly announces to the deeply concerned Western Hemisphere that the organization has managed to gather about 120 000 Euro to support Ukraine, at a charity concert, held at Lithuanian National TV on January 13th (the anniversary of the failed Soviet attempt to overthrow the Lithuanian government in 1991).

The funds will be used both to support Ukrainian Armed Forces, in their heroic struggle against Russian aggression, and the civilian population in Donbass area, suffering from the dire consequences of the war.

The charity effort – named “Together Until Victory”- has clearly shown the unity and resolve of Lithuania, its authorities and civil society alike, and its will and ability to support Ukraine.

Blue/Yellow cordially thanks all its sponsors and supporters in Lithuania and other countries. By next week we will initiate related support efforts, of both military and humanitarian character.

We, Lithuanian volunteers, will not leave Ukraine alone in its struggle, feel free to join us in our support efforts.

Patron of the event – president Valdas Adamkus.

Event sponsored by Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lithuanian Armed Forces and Ministry of Interior.

Jonas Ohman

Lithuanians gathered 120 thousand Euro to support Ukraine

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