NABU detained Ex National Guard commander Allerov

Yurii Allerov. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine
Yurii Allerov

Employees of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), under procedural control of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, have detained former Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine Yurii Allerov.

“Searches are underway at the main directorate of the National Guard of Ukraine, at Allerov’s home, and in a number of private companies that entered into an agreement with the National Guard of Ukraine. The subject of the case has long been known – the purchase of apartments of the National Guard of Ukraine in Pechersk that were exchanged for housing of unequal worth on the outskirts of Kyiv,” journalist Butusov said.

A criminal case was one of the important reasons for Allerov’s dismissal as National Guard commander, according to the journalist. About a year ago, Allerov had a conflict with Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov who demanded the former’s resignation, but according to the law, the National Guard commander can be dismissed only with the consent of the minister and the president. The confrontation between Avakov and President Petro Poroshenko prevented some sort of coordinated staff policy. “In general, the Interior Ministry will not protect Allerov. Petro Poroshenko supported Allerov’s dismissal and the appointment of Mykola Balan, lobbied by Avakov, as acting (commander) only after (Poroshenko’s) defeat in the elections, because he did not assume any commitments to protect Allerov,” Butusov atmitted.

Butusov also suggested that the court would soon release Allerov on bail.

The investigation is also studying the circumstances of other dubious state purchases conducted by the National Guard of Ukraine.

NABU confirms detention of former National Guard commander Allerov

“The NABU has exposed a corruption scheme with real estate involving the ex-commander of the National Guard of Ukraine. He and two other accomplices – the general director of a construction company and an appraiser – were detained. In the near future all of them will be served with a notice of suspicion of committing a corruption crime,” NABU report reads.

It notes that in the 2000s, the National Guard and the construction company agreed that a residential complex would be built on the territory of a former military unit in the Pechersk district of Kyiv. The National Guard had to receive 50 apartments and 30 parking spaces in the complex.

In 2016-2017, the parties signed additional agreements, according to which the National Guard refused from these apartments and parking spaces in Pechersk in exchange for 65 apartments in a house that the same construction company built on the outskirts of Kyiv (near the Boryspilska metro station).

The examination conducted showed that the cost of apartments in a house on the outskirts of Kyiv was UAH 81,635,448 lower than the cost of apartments that the National Guard had to receive in the residential complex in Pechersk at the start of arrangements.

NABU detained Ex National Guard commander Allerov
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