Russian airplane heading to Syria crashed in the Black Sea


There were military, artists and journalists aboard; nobody survived.

The head of Russia’s Federation Council committee on defense and security, Viktor Ozyorov, has said that the accident’s cause could be a technical malfunction or piloting error. At the same time, he excluded a version of a terrorist act.

Russian Tu-154 military aircraft wrecked in the Black Sea, nearby the city of Sochi, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry.

There were 92 people aboard, all of them are reported dead.

The airplane which was traveling to the Syrian city of Latakia disappeared from radars 20 minutes after the departure. It was flying from Chkalovsk, suburbs of Moscow, through Sochi where it must have got refueled. The debris are being found 2km offshore.

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As the Russian Defense Ministry says, the plane transporting military personnel, artists of Alexandrov army choir ensemble and journalists of Russian media was heading to Latakia for greeting the air group of the Russian Aerospace Forces at the military base Khmeimim, Syria, with the New Year.

Russian airplane heading to Syria crashed in the Black Sea

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