Sanctions against Russia. US senators introduce new bill

A group of U.S. senators including Democrat Ben Cardin, Republican John McCain and Democrat Robert Menendez have introduced a bill to impose additional sanctions against Russia over alleged cyberattacks.

Senator Cardin said the group was introducing a bill to impose additional sanctions against Russia over its attack on the U.S. election system.

According to him, the Jan. 6 intelligence report makes it clear the attack was led by President Putin.

The U.S. can not do business as usual until steps are taken to ensure such aggressive actions will have consequences, Cardin said, adding the bill is intended to reach this goal.

Cardin specified the sanctions will affect the energy sector and those involved in the privatization of Russian assets.

In addition, punitive measures will target certain individuals who, in particular, will be banned from entering the U.S. and using the country’s banking system.

The new bill comes not only after an alleged cyberattack but also Russia’s actions in Ukraine and Georgia, as well as the violation of human rights, Cardin said.

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