Savchenko is arrested today

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Investigators say they have “irrefutable evidence” confirming that the people’s deputy personally planned and gave instructions for committing a terrorist attack in the Rada session hall.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine gave consent to the lifting of parliamentary immunity, detention, and arrest of a non-faction People’s Deputy Nadiia Savchenko.

Savchenko was on March 15 expelled from the parliament’s national security and defense committee. On the same day, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko tabled in parliament a motion for the criminal prosecution, detention, and arrest of MP Savchenko.

Lutsenko also filed a 174-page report substantiating the request. He said that investigators had “irrefutable evidence” that Savchenko had plotted acts of terror in the parliamentary hall.

Ahead of the decisive vote on March 22, the SBU’s footage shot on candid camera within the criminal probe showed Nadiia Savchenko proposing a former hostage swap negotiator, Volodymyr Ruban, to carry out a coup in Ukraine to eliminate the country’s leadership.

Savchenko to Ruban discussing terror plot: “I propose a coup. They need to be removed physically – all at once”

“We need chaos. Chaos must be controlled,” Ruban told Savchenko.

People’s Deputy Nadiia Savchenko in a conversation with the former hostage swap negotiator, Volodymyr Ruban, proposed to carry out a coup in Ukraine to eliminate the country’s leadership. Candid camera footage shot by the SBU within the probe showing the conversation was presented at the Verkhovna Rada session hall ahead of the vote to strip Savchenko of parliamentary immunity and allow her arrest, TSN reports.

“I propose a coup. That’s because they have to be removed physically – all at once.” This is the way. On one day, only inside [the Rada]. It can also be a couple of days, but a single date can be most successful. We’ll have to wait for this day for about a year. Then we have to make them run. So I’m less interested in the government quarter, I’m more interested in their homes. I believe they’ll start running when they have nowhere to return. Your further task is to maintain order… We have to make sure that chaos does not ensue,” Savchenko said.

“In any case, if we fail to do this project now, by any means possible, then we shouldn’t live at all…” the former Kremlin’s prisoner-turned MP added.

Volodymyr Ruban is heard on a video responding to Savchenko that there is no need to be afraid of chaos.

“We need chaos. Chaos must be controlled,” he said.

On Thursday, March 22, in the Verkhovna Rada Regulations Committee unanimously supported all three motions submitted by the Prosecutor General and recommended that the Rada allow Savchenko’s arrest.

Savchenko is arrested today
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