Search shows NABU agent Kateryna Sikorska’s family owns three houses, expensive cars

The members of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine (PGO) seized classified documents, a notebook on wiretapping persons of NABU’s interest, etc. at home of NABU agent Kateryna Sikorska as they executed a search warrant.

Spokeswoman for the prosecutor general Larysa Sarhan wrote.

She said that the search operation in Sikorska’s house in the village of Kozyn revealed classified documents, a notebook with classified information on wiretapping persons of NABU’s interest, covert investigation reports which Sikorska used without required security clearance.

“The probe and searches carried out by the SBU and PGO show that NABU leadership actually disregarded the legislation regulating use of highly sensitive information.

“The private life of NABU agent Sikorska attracts particular attention. She and her family members own three recently purchased houses in a luxury single home housing development in Kozyn village, expensive cars including Maserati, Lexus, and two Porsches”, Sarhan said.

On Nov. 29, the press office of the State Migration Service reported detention of the NABU member – the son of the former member of the Party of Regions Yurii Boiarskyi – while trying to bribe First Deputy Head of the State Migration Service of Ukraine Dina Pimakhova. NABU later said that the PGO and SBU unlawfully intervened in the undercover operation. The SBU conducted a search and seizure operation in the NABU on the same day.


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