Suspect prisoner attempts cutting off his ear in Lukyanivska remand prison


One of the suspects in Tornado Company case, Maksym Hlibov, testified in the court acknowledging that Tornado Company fighters were illegally detaining people in a basement and provided names of five victims. After Hlibov’s testimony, he and former Tornado commander Ruslan Onyshchenko engaged in a quarrel, during which Onyshchenko was seen as threatening and bullying Hlibov.

During his transfer back to Lukianivske detention center, Hlibov cut off his ear. His comrade Tornado fighters demanded a doctor to provide medical aid to the suspect. However, it took some time for the doctor to be allowed, as the administration of the prison was afraid he would be taken hostage.

Late Wednesday, Hlibov was convoyed to one of Kyiv hospitals. The detention center is being guarded by Spetsnaz and police unit. At 10:35 p.m., two convoy vehicles left Lukianivske.

As reported, Tornado Special Forces Company was earlier a part of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine. Eight Tornado fighters, including company commander Ruslan Onyshchenko, were detained on charges of local residents’ abduction, holding them in captivity, torture, murder, and a number of other serious crimes in June 2015. Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov signed the order disbanding Tornado Company on July 18, 2015. The unit has been undone, while its commander Ruslan Onyshchenko and several soldiers are being tried.

Suspect prisoner attempts cutting off his ear in Lukyanivska remand prison

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