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Kiev, UA
Saturday, August 31, 2019
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Tag: Air Force

F-15 in Starokostiantyniv, Ukraine. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

U.S. Air Force deployed F-15C fighter jets for the first time ever to Ukraine

F-15C Eagle fighter jets from the California Air National Guard have landed for the first time ever on Ukrainian soil to participate in Clear Sky 2018 exercise.

Ukrainian Air Force

They are the defenders of the sky. They fly faster than the speed of sound, marvel at the blackness of space above and feel the speed and dynamics of the flight. They are military pilots of the Air Force of Ukraine.

New weapons for the Ukrainian Air Force

Нelicopter (equipped with new engines and the 'Adros' optical-electronic suppression system) hit a given target. It takes only half a second to launch a full block of 20 missiles.