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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Lithuania and Poland adopt declaration on Ukraine’s EU membership

We will build a stronger European Union. And a stronger EU is a union with Ukraine. A high level of security is also related to Ukraine’s membership in NATO.
Sanctions. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

EU intends to renew sanctions against Russia

The European Union is committed to renewing economic sanctions against the Russian Federation for its aggression against Ukraine.
Klimkin. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

If EU removes sanctions against Russia, Minsk agreements no longer in force

Ukraine is ready to stop abiding by the Minsk agreements if certain European countries succeed in removing sanctions pressure on Russia.
Turbine. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

EU imposes new sanctions over Siemens turbines delivery to occupied Crimea

The 3 persons have been added to the sanctions list for their responsibility in supplying Crimea with gas turbines from Russia.