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Wednesday, March 6, 2019
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Obolon Court. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Yanukovych sentenced to 13 years in prison for high treason, complicity in war against Ukraine

The Obolon District Court in Kyiv has found Ukraine's former president Viktor Yanukovych guilty of high treason and complicity in aggressive war against Ukraine.
Object 477A1 Nota Ukrainian tank

Ukraine confirms development of next-generation main battle tank

Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (KMDB), part of the Ukroboronprom conglomerate, is working to create main battle tank to replace aging T-64 and T-80 tanks.
Ukraine missiles. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukraine conducts successful cruise missile launch

Cruise missiles was to check the range and accuracy of hitting surface targets. Target was destroyed at a distance of 280 kilometers.
Ukrainian Chief of General Staff Viktor Muzhenko. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Russia amassing military equipment along Ukrainian border

The amount of military equipment which Russia has on the Ukrainian border has recently increased dramatically.
Ukrainian Air Force

Ukrainian Air Force received a batch of upgraded aircraft

UkrOboronProm has officially handed over a combat aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to the Armed Forces of Ukraine on 1 December.
Details of attacks on Ukrainian naval vessels by Russian troops

Ukraine reveals details of Russian attacks on its naval vessels

SBU have revealed details of attacks on Ukrainian naval vessels by Russian troops in the Kerch Strait on November 25, 2018.
Azov sea war. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Russia captured Ukrainian naval vessels in Black Sea

Ukrainian Navy already officially confirmed that Russia captured two “Berdyansʹk” (U-175) and “Nikopolʹ” (P-176) Gurza-class small armored artillery boats and a raid tug A-947 “Jani Kapu”.
Bayraktar-TB2. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukraine confirms procurement of Turkish unmanned combat aerial vehicles

Bayraktar unmanned aerial vehicle is a Medium Altitude Long Endurance class system developed for tactical reconnaissance and surveillance missions.

Ulana Suprun: they believe that Ukraine belongs to Russia. I do not. And never will

Today, Ukraine is keeping Europe whole and free. And that makes us leaders of the free world.
Ukrainian 120-mm mobile mortar system Bars-8MMK. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukrainian army tests 120-mm mobile mortar system Bars-8MMK

The complex can move quickly to the necessary point of fire, its computer system allows ground positioning, preparation for shooting from the original position takes only 1 minute.
Petrenko and Nehring. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Pilots who died in an SU-27 plane crash in Ukraine

US pilot Seth Nehring and Ukrainian pilot Ivan Petrenko was killed in an SU-27 plane crash in Ukraine.
Su-27UB, Ukraine. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Su-27UB fighter jet crashed in Ukraine

A Ukrainian Su-27UB twin-seat combat trainer/fighter jet with two pilots crashed during a training exercise on Tuesday. Two pilots have been killed.

Ukrainian tanks BM Oplot-T tests in Thailand

In this video, the final test of the last batch of Ukrainian tanks BM "Oplot-T" in Thailand.
Ecumenical Patriarchate. Kiev reporter. News from Ukrainevideo

Constantinople has decided to grant autocephaly to Ukraine’s Church

Ecumenical Patriarchate has decided to proceed to the granting of Autocephaly to the Church of Ukraine.