The international investigation blames Russia for MH17 crash


AA rocket was launched from Putin’s terrorist-held territory

International investigative team concluded that the “Buk” launcher, which downed Malaysian Boeing in Donbas, was brought into the territory of Ukraine from Russia, local media NOS reports. This is stated in a perliminary conclusion of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), given by the prosecutor Fred Westerbeke to the relatives of the passengers, killed in plane crash.

The document to be presented in Hague, states that the flight MH17 was shot down by a missile from the territory of the village of Pervomaisky Pervomaisky district, which was in July 2014 under the control of Kremlin-backed terrorists. After launching the missile unit returned to the territory of Russia. At this stage the investigators could not determine who made a start.

Both settlements are located near the town of Snizhne in the zone, which previously settled by the Netherlands as the place of the missile launch. It is alleged that the starting point is located six kilometers from the Snizhne.

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The international investigation blames Russia for MH17 crash

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