Three Marines were killed near Mariupol


Volunteer Tetiana Barvinska revealed details about three Ukrainian servicemen whose bodies were transported to Ukraine.

“The militants handed over the bodies of three servicemen who went missing on Jan. 8 near Mariupol. Now the bodies are delivered to the city of Dnipro for a forensic examination,” Barvinska wrote.

According to her, the fallen soldiers served in the 36th Marine Brigade (Junior Sergeant Serhii Sonko, Junior Sergeant Mykola Okhrimenko, and Senior Seaman Serhii Trubin).

“The nature of injuries indicates that the marines were killed in a combat. According to the militants, the marines have tripped a mine near the village of Oktiabr,” Barvinska wrote.

Serhii Sonko

Serhii Sonko (16.12.1993 – 8.01.2017)

Serhii Sonko was born in Kherson. He went to army a year ago. He was a commander of the 3rd squad of the 36th Marine Brigade. Serhii’s mother lives in Kherson, and his girlfriend lives in Mykolaiv.

Mykola Okhrimenko

Mykola Okhrimenko (1963 – 8.01.2017)

Mykola Okhrimenko (nickname Died) was born in the Sumy region, in the village of Yastrubyne. He lived in Donetsk with his wife and daughter until 2014. After the war began, he returned to his native village and lived with his mother. His wife remained in the Donetsk region. In 2015, Mykola fought in one of the volunteer battalions, and then served under the contract. He has survived Debaltseve and was wounded twice.

Serhii Trubin

Serhii Trubin (20.03.1987 – 8.01.2017)

Serhii Trubin comes from Kirovohrad. He was a resident of the village of Znamianka Druha. The Jan. 15 is announced a mourning day in Znamianka. Tomorrow, the national flags with mourning ribbons will be lowered and all entertainment and sports activities will be canceled. A memorial service will be held at the Znamianka House of Culture at 12 p.m.

On Jan. 8, the ATO Staff reported about three soldiers who did not return to the location of their military unit. Later, their bodies were retreived from Donetsk morgue.

Images courtesy of Tetiana Barvinska.

Three Marines were killed near Mariupol

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