Ukraine and Russia. Gazprom may plot provocations over expected gas shortage

Naftohaz of Ukraine says there is high probability of provocations on the part of Gazprom in connection with severe frosts in Russia.

Reports press service of Naftohaz.

“Arctic cold covered Ukraine only for a few days. But the winter has set in with full severity in Russia. Gazprom is very likely to face the situation when it will have not enough resources for domestic needs and for export to the EU. They will try to put blame on us then while public disclosure will be our only protection in this case.

We are waiting for their favorite bogeyman story about Ukraine using gas from its subsurface gas reservoirs. This gas belongs to us. We have placed it into the storages precisely to use it in winter. Ukraine undertook no commitments to help Gazprom using its reserves when the company lacks its own ones,” the statement reads.

Naftohaz also noted that Ukrtranshaz published data on the declared volumes of gas transit, actual amount of delivered gas, actual amount of gas transit on the daily basis at

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