Ukraine should be dismembered – Russian putinist Khazin


Mikhail Khazin, a Russian economist, TV anchor, columnist and ex-member of presidential administration, proposes to destroy Ukrainian culture and kill millions.

According to Khazin, Ukraine should be split into two. Western area should go to Poland, while eastern area – to Russia. The commentator said that as US president-elect Donald Trump stands for regionalization of the world, Ukraine should be included in Russian sphere of influence.

“Then, it depends on what we are planning to do next,” – tells Khazin during a seating of a club “Russian scope”. “We want to keep Ukraine whole, but loyal to Russia. Then we need to get back Donbas and change the administration in Kyiv… Then counterpropaganda will vanish. Actually, the population over there is not happy. Yes, there are some, say, several million people that cannot be reformed. They need to be partly terminated, and partly – expelled.”

And this is not all the genius plans this man has. The other choice for Moscow, according to Mr Khazin, is to dismember Ukraine. He dreams of taking the territory from Kharkiv to Odesa region, including Zaporizhia and Dnipro, and attach them to Russia. Complete de-Ukrainization should be applied – with a ban of Ukrainian script, texts, TV shows, teaching in Ukrainian.

Then, the northern part – like Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy etc., are supposed to become an agrarian part. For sure, the lands will be stripped of army and industry. Khazin predicts that there will appear “excessive population” that should be sent to the Far East (Siberia). The western part of Ukraine, by Khazin’s plan, will be given to Poland – after all the ‘banderas’ will be expelled. After all, as the economist says, “after the world division Poland will be ours too. We need to make them loyal and to occupy them with something”.

Starting from August 31, 2015, Mikhail Khazin is persona non-grata in Ukraine.

In 1997-98 he was a deputy to head of the economic department of presidential administration. Now Khazin is a retired Class 3 Active State Advisor of Russian Federation, member of an expert board “Economics and ethics” affiliated with the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, and a member of Community Council of Federal Tariff Service.

Ukraine should be dismembered – Russian putinist Khazin

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