Ukraine shows PACE how Russian propagandist torments maimed hostage


Incident took place while Russian proxies released hostages Volodymyr Zhemchugov and Yuri Suprun

Ukrainian parliamentarians and journalists have presented to PACE a video demonstrating Russian propaganda in action. The chairman of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE, chairman of PACE Culture/Media Committee Volodymyr Ariev on the committee session showed the clip filmed by Russian propagandist of British origin Graham Phillips, where he shouts and mocks mutilated, without limbs, almost blind, captured a year ago by militants Volodymyr Zhemchugov.

“This is not journalism but torturing captive. I condemn it,” Ariev wrote on Facebook, commenting the Phillips’ video.

This example of Russian propaganda machine at work was discussed at the committee. Among the invited experts was Yevhen Fedchenko of StopFake, who is involved in exposure of Kremlin propaganda.

This brutal episode has already become notorious in Ukraine. Earlier it was described by Ukrainian Parliament’s vice-speaker Iryna Gerashchenko.

“It (Phillips, Gerashchenko called him ‘humanlike creature’ – UT) was playing the ape and being histrionic, poked Volodya with his camera and shouted something about “fascists.” Then the creature with the Kremlin’s perverted brains and British passport turned to the Ukrainian operators, who already barely restrained themselves, and began shouting “Ukrainian journalists – s…”. Behind him “negotiator of republics” (Russian puppet states in Donbas – UT) was having fun – she dragged this example of “Journalism of Russian World” to the liberation of the hostages, to finally mock heavy wounded Ukrainian patriot. The creature was raging for the second goal – to disrupt the hostage release, arrange provocation, scandal, brawl,” she wrote on Facebook. Also Gerashchenko posted the photos from the scene.

Citizens of Ukraine responded to the incident tight photo caricature:


Ukraine shows PACE how Russian propagandist torments maimed hostage

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