Ukrainian representative to PACE explains the threat to boycott the organization


Volodymyr Ariev comments the resonant statements of Ukrainian MFA and plans of Rada’s representation to PACE

The head of the Ukrainian representation to Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Volodymyr Ariev in an exclusive comment for Ukraine Today explained the motive, possibility and consequences of readmitting Russian delegation to PACE and Ukrainian reaction on such a possibility. Earlier UT gathered top comments on this situation in a document, Occupational elections crisis grows: Ukraine threatens to boycott PACE.

“We discussed such a step in boycotting the session of PACE before, when we heard about the intention of readmitting Russian credentials with a principle of “eyes wide shut.” In today’s case this is not yet the final decision, just a high level of possibility in a case of the admittance of Russian MPs, who will be elected with votes from Crimeans during the elections on the occupied territory of Crimea. First of all, we will see the implementation of demands to Russia voted by the Assembly in 2014 and twice in 2015. And following actions or the lack of actions by the Russian Federation means Russia ignores all demands of the Council of Europe, based on the Statute of this organization and the rules and regulations of the parliamentary assembly,” Ariev told UT by phone.

He added: “For the moment we don’t have the feedback from the PACE president and other delegations, but they understood that it is a possible step from the Ukrainian side. It will mean a very dramatic situation for the Assembly, because in such case, if we match the consequences, the aggressor would be an acting member and the victim – not. It will reduce the credibility of the Assembly and it is a real challenge for such an important international organization. Anyway, we don’t want to trade principles. Of course, politics is the art of compromise, but some matters shouldn’t be a subject of compromise”.

Ukrainian representative to PACE explains the threat to boycott the organization

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