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Kiev, UA
Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Ukraine to toughen sanctions against Russia

Restrictions to be imposed against Russian entities and individuals, involved in Ukrainian conflict. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Friday announced the prolongation of sanctions...

Kate Kuziakina, 9 y.o. girl drummer from Ukraine

"Miracle Drummer | Future UA" is a TV programme about Kate Kuziakina that was shown on the TV|UA channel recently.

Yuliia Tymoshenko is mother of Ukrainian corruption, populism and inefficiency

Hroisman: Yuliia Tymoshenko is a real corruption mother who during long time, 20 years, was doing her utmost to destroy Ukraine.

Military parade in Kyiv marks 27 years of Independence

Military parade in celebration of the 27th anniversary of Ukrainian Independence taking place in the center of Kyiv.
Neptin ASM. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukraine conducts successful flight test of Neptun cruise missile

Neptun is a Ukrainian subsonic cruise anti-ship missile based on the combat-proven Soviet-made Kh-35 (Х-35) missile.
UA MFA. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukraine declares Hungary’s consul persona non grata

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that the Hungarian Consul, who handed over Hungarian passports to Ukrainians, will not stay in Ukraine.

European Champion in Judo Daria Bilodid

Our beautiful heroine has become popular thanks to totally different character traits - willpower, persistence and the desire to defeat all her rivals on the tatami mat.

All Russian members of OSCE mission either GRU or FSB officers

I'm sure that all Russian officers working in the OSCE mission are either trained officers of GRU or FSB. There is no other option. 39 out of 652 OSCE observers are Russians.
Neptun anti-ship cruise missile. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukraine successfully test-fire Neptun anti-ship cruise missile

Ukraine successfully tested its indigenously developed, Neptun anti-ship cruise missiles system off the country’s south coast on 17 August.

War in Ukraine, Part 1. Annexation. History of the War

The ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) has been ongoing for more than three years and hopefully, the end of this war is still out there on the horizon, though uncertain.
Ukrainian Neptun anti-ship cruise missile. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukraine reveals details of newest cruise missile

Ukrainian Neptun anti-ship cruise missile can sink warships with displacements of up to 5,000 tons which would include all of the Russian landing ships and frigates currently in service.

Cyborgs. New documentary chronicles Donetsk airport battle

The Ukrainian war documentary “Spirit Warriors” premiered in Kyiv this month. The film takes a closer look at one of the key battles between Ukrainian troops and Russian hybrid forces in Donbas.

State of emergency declared in Avdiivka

A state of emergency has been introduced in Ukraine's town of Avdiivka due to the recent escalation in hostilities. The fighting in the vicinity of Avdiivka has been underway since late Saturday, Jan. 28.
UA missile. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukraine to unveil newest tactical ballistic missile during upcoming military parade

Ukraine’s tactical ballistic missile system is expected to have a firing range of up to 300 km. (some source reported about up to 500km).