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Kiev, UA
Tuesday, September 25, 2018

All Russian members of OSCE mission either GRU or FSB officers

I'm sure that all Russian officers working in the OSCE mission are either trained officers of GRU or FSB. There is no other option. 39 out of 652 OSCE observers are Russians.
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Russian officers, Russian soldiers, Russian weapons – this is international, not civil, war against Ukraine

The illegal armed formations that fight against the Ukrainian army in Donbas are led by Russian officers, mostly manned by Russian soldiers, paid by Russia, armed and equipped by Russia.

Ukraine in 2016. A brief summary

If you ask an average citizen in Ukraine about the progress of reforms in 2016, you will most likely hear that nothing has changed. However, a closer look at the reforms might prove the opposite.
Neptun anti-ship cruise missile. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukraine successfully test-fire Neptun anti-ship cruise missile

Ukraine successfully tested its indigenously developed, Neptun anti-ship cruise missiles system off the country’s south coast on 17 August.

Ukraine’s tanks are in operational reserve and not used in combat operations

Ukraine’s tanks are in operational reserve and not used in combat operations in the Donbass region. This weaponry is in operational reserve of the Ukrainian government army to respond to enemy’s assaulting actions.

Ukrainian Army orders new BTR-3DA armored personnel carriers

The Armed Forces of Ukraine has ordered the new BTR-3DA armored personnel carriers. The combat module "Sturm-M" is equipped with the anti-tank missile complex "Barrier".
BMP-U. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukraine revealed details of next-generation combat vehicle

BMP-U: new combat module BM-8 with improved characteristics, 30-mm automatic gun, automatic grenade launcher, machine gun, as well as guided anti-tank missiles “Barrier”.
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Ukrainian company offers unique drone’s wall for a border with Russia

Multipurpose unmanned aerial vehicles capable to reconnaissance and monitoring of roads, borders, forests, and waterways, detect targets in the battlefield, traffic, state borders.

Ukrainian soldiers initiate trade blockade with occupied Donbas territories

Demobilized soldiers and veterans of Ukrainian volunteer battalions have launched a trade blockade of the occupied parts of Donbas. The activists of the blockade say that the war can be stopped altogether in this way.

Severe frosts killed 40 people in Ukraine

Severe frosts in Ukraine caused the death of 40 people. Three people died in medical institutions, on the street - 27, and 10 people died in their own homes.
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War in Ukraine, Part 6. Volunteers. History of the War

As early as March 13, 2014, the law on the National Guard was passed. There was one important point - the formation of volunteer battalions began under the aegis of the National Guard of Ukraine.
UA S-300V1. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukraine reactivates S-300V1 strategic air defense systems

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are reinforcing their air and missile defense, reactivating unique S-300V1 strategic air defense systems.

Even if Trident is put atop Kremlin, they will be unsatisfied

Poroshenko: Not only roads and bridges are being built. Hospitals, schools, kindergartens, social infrastructure facilities are being opened, renovated, and reconstructed.

An offer to surrender

The surrender of Ukraine would not save thousands of lives, as Pinchuk argues, but would lead to the escalation of war and, in return, more suffering, more deaths and more damage. Moreover, it would create a dangerous precedent of a violent redrawing of European borders for the first time since the Second World War, the long-term consequences of which would not be hard to guess.