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Ukrainian Parliament recognizes Russian Duma completely illegitimate

Russian State Duma lost its legitimacy due to illegal elections in occupied territories, Rada states Ukraine recognized Russian State Duma of the 7th convocation...

Yuliia Tymoshenko is mother of Ukrainian corruption, populism and inefficiency

Hroisman: Yuliia Tymoshenko is a real corruption mother who during long time, 20 years, was doing her utmost to destroy Ukraine.
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War in Ukraine, Part 5. Referendum. History of the War

On May 11, 2014, the so-called "referendum on the status of the Donetsk and Luhansk republics" was held in the Donbas. But no country in the world recognized this sham.

Rada’s National Security Committee will address PGO on accusing MP Savchenko of high treason

Rada's National Security Committee will address the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine (PGO) with the request to accuse MP Nadiia Savchenko of high treason.
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War in Ukraine, Part 6. Volunteers. History of the War

As early as March 13, 2014, the law on the National Guard was passed. There was one important point - the formation of volunteer battalions began under the aegis of the National Guard of Ukraine.

Yanukovych officially asked Putin to send troops in Ukraine

Ukraine's military prosecutor's office received from the UN a photocopy of Viktor Yanukovych official statement with a request to send in the Russian forces in Ukraine.

SBU prevented assassination of MP Herashchenko

Two Ukrainian citizens, imprisoned in occupied Crimea, volunteered to assassinate Herashchenko. They were supervised by Russian mercenary Andrey Tikhonov.

Six Ukrainian troops wounded in Donbas war zone on 7 Jan

Six Ukrainian servicemen were wounded in the antiterrorist operation (ATO) area in Donbas on 7 January, the Defence Ministry's spokesperson for ATO issues, Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, has said.

Ukraine’s economy will grow by 2% in 2017 and 3% in 2018-2019

The World Bank predicts a 2% growth of gross domestic product of Ukraine in 2017 and 3% in 2018-2019.
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War in Ukraine, Part 7. Election. History of the War

Approximately 35 million people have the right to vote in Ukraine. More than 5 million people were unable to show up to vote due to the occupation of Crimea and Dondas.
Elon Musk is a Martian!video

Elon Musk is a Martian! :)

Young Ukrainian singer from Kiev – Maria Miroshnychenko revealed a terrible Elon Musk's secret. He is a Martian! :) Listen to the song about it. And buy Starship tickets to Mars!

Over hundred vehicles trapped by snow rescued in Khmelnytskyi region

The rescuers were involved in more than 40 cases of towing and pulling out vehicles that stuck on the snow-covered highways Jan. 7, 8.

SBU prevented assassination of MP in Kyiv by Russian special services

Assassination of a MP was prevented in Ukrainian capital. The secret services of the Russian Federation were involved into the assassination attempt.
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War in Ukraine, Part 2. Exodus. History of the War

We are trying to get to the bottom of such events as the annexation of Crimea and the ensuing anti-terrorist operation in the East of Ukraine.