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Kiev, UA
Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Ukrainian tanks. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

New tank battalion is being formed in the north of Ukraine

In the Chernihiv region, the 12th separate tank battalion will be formed in the military unit near the village of Goncharovske.
Yatran. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukraine’s Armed Forces adopt Yatran system for detecting enemy vessels

The Yatran system consists of special sonar buoys with extremely sensitive acoustic sensors and a digital information processing center.
Filaret. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Filaret urgently calls local council to “resurrect” Kyiv Patriarchate

Filaret has set a date for an urgent local council, during which he wants to officially resume the activities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate (UOC-KP).
Ukrainian army. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

17 attacks by Russian troops yesterday: no losses among Ukrainian soldiers, two Russians wounded

The Joint Forces adequately returned fire in line with the Minsk agreements in response to enemy’s shooting. According to intelligence, two invaders were wounded on June 10.
European Solidarity. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Poroshenko ready to become prime minister

Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is ready to become new prime minister, if his party European Solidarity wins early parliamentary elections.
BM-21 Grad. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Russia deployed heavy weapons to the demarcation line in Ukraine

The Russian commanders continue to prepare the military units for the deployment to the front-line positions with the command and personnel acceptance centers.
Pruglo Oleksyuk died. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Dmytro Pruglo, Maksym Oleksyuk lost their lives in Donbas on June 7

Russian troops used artillery to attack the outposts of the Ukrainian military in the area of Novoluhanske. Two Ukrainian soldiers deceased.
Petro Poroshenko. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Donbas ceasefire in response to Russian attacks possible only after deployment of UN peacekeepers

We have clearly stated since 2015 about the need for an immediate decision by the UN Security Council to introduce a peacekeeping mission.
Candle of mourning. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

12 attacks by Russian troops yesterday: one Ukrainian soldier killed, another one – wounded

One serviceman of the Joint Forces was killed, and one more was wounded in the shelling. One Russian invader was annihilated and four more were wounded on June 5.
Angels by Beata Beata Kurkul. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

16 attacks by Russian troops yesterday: two Ukrainian soldiers killed

Russian occupying forces attacked JFO positions 16 times. Two Ukrainian servicemen were killed and another three were wounded. One Russian was annihilated and one more was wounded.
Olena Zerkal. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Russia persecuting ethnic groups in occupied Crimea

Russia, as the occupying power in the Crimean peninsula, practices collective punishment of ethnic groups.
Reanimation. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Five-year-old boy wounded by drunken policemen died in hospital

Five-year-old Kyrylo, who was allegedly shot by the drunk police officers in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, died in Kyiv.
Zhukov in Kharkiv. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Protesters tear down Zhukov bust in Kharkiv

Participants in a protest rally against a recent congress of the pro-Russian Doviriay Spravam ("Trust the Deeds") Party have toppled the statue of Soviet-era General Georgy Zhukov in Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Ukrainian boat Berdyansk damaged by Russian shelling. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Kyiv calls on international community to increase pressure on Russia to release Ukrainian sailors

Foreign Ministry of Ukraine submitted a request and called on all Foreign Ministers from the friendly and partner countries to put pressure on Russia to implement the decision of the International Tribunal in Hamburg.