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Kiev, UA
Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Ukrainian tanks. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukrainian Army received batch of upgraded T-80, T-64BV tanks and new BTR-4 APCs

The Ukrainian Army has received the new batch of upgraded T-80 and T-64BV tanks and new BTR-4 armoured vehicle personnel carriers.
Turchinov. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Defense industry development strengthens country’s defense capability, economy, creates new jobs

The Ukrainian army received upgraded T-80 and T-64BV tanks, BTR-4 armored personnel carriers of the new generation as well as military trucks.
Ukraine and Hungary flag. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Berehove. If Hungary fails to recall its consul, Ukraine to suggest him leave the country

In case if the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs fails to recall its consul from the village of Berehove (the Zakarpattia region), the Ukrainian government is going to suggest him leave the country.
Zakharchenko elimination. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Footage of terrorist Zakharchenko elimination. Video

The Russian government-sponsored Russia 1 TV channel released CCTV footage of bomb attack which claimed life of Alexander Zakharchenko.
war in Ukraine. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

One Ukrainian soldier wounded in 28 attacks by Russian hybrid troops

The Russian forces employed 120- and 82-mm mortars, armament of infantry fighting vehicles, anti-tank missile systems, grenade launchers of various types, large-caliber machine guns, and small arms.
Filaret. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Filaret: Tomos to be received by newly elected head of single local Ukrainian church

The head of the Ukrainian Church will be elected at an Unifying Council, which will include 41 bishops of the Kyiv Patriarchate, 12 bishops of the Autocephalous Church, and 10 bishops of the Moscow Patriarchate.

KAZKA – Cried. Official video

A song about the girl's fate, about the ability of Ukrainian women to revive through bitter tears, an active recipe for erasing bad memories.
Vil’nyy, Zolote-4. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Another Ukrainian settlement liberated from Putin’s invaders

Ukrainian army has taken full control of Vil’nyy hamlet in Luhansk region. This settlement – whose name literally means “Free” – is part of Zolote-4 village.

Stop Russian fake news with Marko Suprun #201

Struggle against fake information about events in Ukraine. Stop Russian fake news.
Ukrainian artillery shell. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukraine tests new highly effective Ukrainian-made weapons, military equipment

New ammunition of Ukrainian production was also demonstrated and tested at the proving ground.
Daria Bilodid judo world champion. Kiev reporter. News from Ukrainevideo

Daria Bilodid – 17-year-old judo world champion

Daria Bilodid of the Ukraine became 2018 Judo World Champion in Baku as youngest ever gold medalist.

Chemical spill in Crimea caused nearby checkpoints with mainland Ukraine to restrict their work

The spill at the Titan chemical plant in Crimea has caused many of the nearby checkpoints with mainland Ukraine to heavily restrict their work.
UA Centaur fast military assault craft. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukraine launches first Centaur fast military assault craft

Ukraine launched on 14 September the first local designed fast military assault craft on order for the Ukrainian Navy.
Ukrainian small armored artillery boat. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukraine deploys modern armoured artillery boats to Azov Sea to counter Russian aggression

It is expected that three small armoured artillery boats will be deployed to the Azov Sea, which today will be the most powerful units in this region.