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Kiev, UA
Thursday, October 18, 2018
Fascist Tribeca. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Open letter to the Tribeca Film Festival organizers

I was astounded to find out that Russian journalist Prilepin has been awarded by Tribeca festival for his propaganda-ridden documentary, glorifying pro-Russia enclave created in Donetsk region for its war on its motherland, Ukraine.

Army Hoverbike is successfully tested

It can transport troops over difficult terrain and when it's not used in that purpose it can also be used to transport logistics, supplies, and it can operate in both a manned and unmanned asset. It can also operate as a surveillance platform.

Ukrainian soldiers in Japanese Manga style

Young Japanese artist Natsume felt deeply moved by the stories of Ukrainian soldiers defending their country in Donbas, and decided to start drawing them.
Glory dto Ukraine. Domagoj Vida. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Russia’s anti-Ukrainian hysteria over ‘Glory to Ukraine!’

The “Glory to Ukraine!” incident highlights the moral depravity of Russia and FIFA going ahead with the World Cup in Russia while Putin is at war and invading Ukraine.

Ukraine to transfer new batch of Oplot main battle tanks to Thailand

Thailand has signed a contract to buy 49 Oplot-T main battle tanks developed by Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (KMDB) and builts at the Malyshev Factory in Kharkiv.

The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump

LIVE Stream: The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States 1/20/17. RSBN

How the U.S. F/A-18 will go to war against Russia’s Su-57 or China’s J-20

The new upgraded long-wave infrared search and track system will afford the Navy the capability to detect and track new adversary stealth aircraft such as J-20 or Su-57 at extended ranges.

North Korea with Kremlin engines

Americans know very well who is actually supplying weapons to North Korea. And this supplier does not sit in Kiev, he sits in Moscow.

Timelapse of the entire Universe

By compressing all 13.8 billion years of time into a 10 minute scale, this video shows just how young we truly are, and just how ancient and vast our universe us.
Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Constantinople publishes centuries-old documents confirming its jurisdiction in Ukraine

The research also proves Moscow Patriarchate has violated the rules of the Patriarchal and Synodal Act of 1686 of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

CIA: Russian meddling doubters should wait to see report

John Brennan, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, sits down with Judy Woodruff to discuss the CIA’s upcoming report looking into Russia’s alleged election...

Car Hacking: Remote Attack Tesla Motors

With several months of in-depth research on Tesla Cars, we have discovered multiple security vulnerabilities and successfully implemented remote, aka none physical contact, control...
Ecumenical Patriarch of the Orthodox Church, Bartholomew I of Constantinople. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ecumenical Patriarch to grant Ukrainian Orthodox autocephaly

The Ecumenical Patriarch took the decision about offering autocephaly to the Ukrainian Church in April and is now in the process of implementing it.
Holodomor. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

US Senate recognizes 1932-1933 famine as genocide against Ukrainians

Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933, also known as Holodomor, is recognized as genocide against the Ukrainian people with the blame for it being put on Joseph Stalin.