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Friday, August 23, 2019

Robot Atlas: balancing

The humanoid robot Atlas balancing on a line contact (plywood edge approx. 2cm thick). This video was recorded during a lucky run, usually the robot is not able to maintain balance for this long.
Harpoon missile. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

USA to supply Ukraine with anti-ship missiles

Washington is ready to expand arms supplies to Ukraine in order to build up the country’s naval forces in the face of continuing Russian aggression.

Israeli Arrow-3: missile interception in space

The Israel Air Force now has an additional level of air defense allowing missile interception at very high altitudes in space, and together with the Arrow-2 system, provides the best possible solution for defense against ballistic missiles.

Group of senators going to prevent Trump to single-handed weaken U.S. sanctions on Russia

Chuck Schumer: "We repeal sanctions, it tells Russia, 'Go ahead and interfere in our elections and do bad things', it tells China, it tells Iran. That would be terrible."

Excalibur Mk.4 unmanned combat aerial vehicle rolled out. Really?

Excalibur Mk.4, The tactical aircraft is equipped with a 1MW class hybrid laser, generating a paradigm shift in the stealth era.

Trump expects Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine and reduce violence in Donbas

President Trump has made it very clear that he expects the Russian government to de-escalate violence in the Ukraine and return Crimea. At the same time, he fully expects to and wants to get along with Russia.
ATR channel. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukraine asks Google not to block the Crimean Tatar TV channel

The National Council in its letter to the Google Corporation emphasizes that the broadcasting of Ukrainian media is under the jurisdiction of Ukraine.
Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Constantinople publishes centuries-old documents confirming its jurisdiction in Ukraine

The research also proves Moscow Patriarchate has violated the rules of the Patriarchal and Synodal Act of 1686 of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.
Zuckerberg. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Facebook closes 270 pages operated by a Russian Internet Research Agency

Zuckerberg: After 2016, we found that the Russian IRA had set up a network of hundreds of fake accounts to spread divisive content and interfere in the US presidential election.

CIA: Russian meddling doubters should wait to see report

John Brennan, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, sits down with Judy Woodruff to discuss the CIA’s upcoming report looking into Russia’s alleged election...
Glory dto Ukraine. Domagoj Vida. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Russia’s anti-Ukrainian hysteria over ‘Glory to Ukraine!’

The “Glory to Ukraine!” incident highlights the moral depravity of Russia and FIFA going ahead with the World Cup in Russia while Putin is at war and invading Ukraine.

Trump aims for unquestioned US military dominance

President Donald Trump will “rebuild” America’s vast military, boost its anti-missile capabilities and prioritize defeating the Islamic State group. Trump knows that our military dominance must be unquestioned.

Freeze of assets and investments, visa bans. Details of law on additional sanctions against Russia

The details of a new law on additional sanctions against Russia for its involvement in hacker attacks during the U.S. presidential election have been unveiled.
UCAV Excalibur. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Excalibur Aerospace announces to test airborne laser for UCAV

Excalibur Aerospace announced ambitious plan to test 1.2MW conformal phased array hybrid solid-state / free-electron laser undergoing atmospheric testing and software optimisation.