Ben Hodges: “Ukrainian soldiers did stop the Russians”

Ben Hodges. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukrainian army is making significant progress in becoming a fully capable fighting unit.

U.S. Army Europe Commander General Ben Hodges told in Ukraine.

He said Ukrainian Army fighters demonstrate high level of proficiency despite not having much time to master it.

“What I have seen is Ukrainian soldiers did stop the Russians. The military I’ve watched, the Ukrainian military rapidly improve its capability over the last three years. They are very technically savvy, more than I realized, with counter-fire radar [provided by the U.S. – ed.], for example. They learn very fast, they’ve adjusted,” Hodges said.

The general said some units have been impressively innovative in the use of modern technologies, and said he was optimistic about the potential of the Ukrainian military.

“I’ve seen examples where units were innovative with their small UAVs, drones. So that’s been impressive to me. The fact is even though at the start of the war they were not prepared, they have adjusted and learned, and you see the result was to stop the Russian forces. And so that gives me some optimism about the potential that’s in the [Ukrainian] military,” the general said.

Ben Hodges: “Ukrainian soldiers did stop the Russians”
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