Defense industry development strengthens country’s defense capability, economy, creates new jobs

Turchinov. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC), Oleksandr Turchynov visited the flagships of the armored industry of Ukraine – the state-run Malyshev Plant and the Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau – where he saw the operation of new process lines producing advanced tanks and armored personnel carriers.

As instructed by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, a ceremonial handover of armament and military hardware to the Armed Forces of Ukraine also took place at the plant.

The Ukrainian army received upgraded T-80 and T-64BV tanks, BTR-4 armored personnel carriers of the new generation as well as military trucks.

The NSDC secretary noted that during deep upgrade and re-equipment of the tanks, new constructive solutions were introduced: “an automatic fire control system with a laser rangefinder, ballistic calculator and a system of guided weapons, which also allows firing guided missiles, have been developed and installed.”

Moreover, Turchynov stressed that the level of protection and engineering changes introduced in BTR-4 given its use in real combat “made it one of the most effective military vehicles in the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.

According to Turchynov, the production, upgrading, and renovation of combat equipment and armament for the Ukrainian army takes place on the regular basis. “Since the beginning of the year about 2,000 weapons and pieces of military equipment have been manufactured and upgraded by Ukrainian enterprises as part of the state defense order,” he said.

“It is critical that the development of the defense industry strengthens the country’s defense capability and economy as well as creates new jobs,” the NSDC secretary stressed.

According to the official, “four powerful Kharkiv-based enterprises – the Malyshev Plant SE, Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau, Balakliia Repair Plant, and Kharkiv Special Machine Plant are involved” in manufacture of military hardware handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine today.

“The defense industry based in the Kharkiv region substantially strengthens the defense capability of our country. The armor produced by the enterprises provided reliable protection for our military personnel,” he stressed adding that every day of the hard work of domestic defense enterprises “makes us stronger and is a step closer to Ukraine’s victory.”

Defense industry development strengthens country’s defense capability, economy, creates new jobs
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