European Parliament election results released

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European People’s Party, S&D, ALDE&R make the top three of political forces in the new composition of the Parliament.

The results of the election in the European Parliament have been made public.

The European Court of Auditors states that the following parties made it to the Parliament:

EPP – 178 seats;
S&D – 152;
ALDE & R – 108;
Greens/EFA – 67
ECR – 61
GUE/NGL – 39
EFDD – 53
ENF – 55
Non-aligned MEPs – 7

Besides, there are 31 MEPs who do not represent any political group.

According to the European Court of Auditors, the overall voters’ turnout made 50.5 percent of Europeans.

The European Parliament election began May 23. May 26 was the fourth and the final day of voting.

In total, 427 million people have the right to vote in 28 EU member states. So, this is the second largest election in the world after the Indian one.

All in all, EU citizens elected 751 MPs. For each of the 28 member states, a clear number of places in the EU is reserved. Most of them are in Germany (96), France (74), Italy and Great Britain (73 each). Small countries, like Cyprus, Luxembourg and Malta, have only six deputies each.

European Parliament election results released
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