FIFA U-20 World Cup: Ukraine is the champion!

FIFA U-20 World Cup: Ukraine is the champion!

June 15 in Poland was the final game at the World Cup among youth teams. The team of Ukraine met with South Korea.

The score was opened by the opponent. In the fifth minute, Lee Kang Ying shot a corner from his right, while Lunin went to another corner.

Ukrainian team almost immediately mobilized. And in half an hour we equalized the score: Khakhlev received the ball after an unsuccessful trick of the Koreans and give it to Supryaga, who hit the bottom corner.

With this, the teams went to the break.

The beginning of the second half was pretty calm. And on the 53rd minute, Konoplya went ahead with the ball, passed it to the Supryaga, and he struck it in two touches into the goal. 2:1.

After that, the South Korean team began to play more aggressively, they controlled the ball more, but were quite far from our goal.

70 minutes is a very dangerous moment, but goalkeeper Lunin showed an excellent save. Sehun after a corner made a head struck. Lunin beat off in the crossbar. And then our defense worked.

From this point on, the advantage in attacks finally passed to the Koreans, but they all ended without a shot on goal.

And at the very end of normal time, on the 89th minute, Ukraine scored the third goal. At that time Tsitaishvili scored, stretching the ball from the center of the field.

3:1, Ukraine – the world champion in football.

FIFA U-20 World Cup: Ukraine is the champion!
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