First singer on Mars

Maria Myrosh - Elon Musk is a Martian

Young Maria Myrosh (17 y.o.), it seems, will be the first singer on Mars. 🙂

In her song, Maria asks Elon Musk to sell her a ticket for a Martian rocket. On the Starship Earth-Mars flight, probably. But a round-trip ticket. What if the Red Planet will shut the door in front of the travelers?

By the way, in this song Maria tells that Elon Musk is actually a Martian and was born on Mars a thousand years ago. His project to fly from Earth to Mars is built on the desire to return home.

Well, Elon, we agree to fly with you to your planet and turn it into a truly inhabited one.

Maria, most likely, will be our first pop and rock star on Mars. 🙂

So what about the tickets, Mr. Musk?

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First singer on Mars
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