Open letter to the Tribeca Film Festival organizers

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I was astounded to find out that Russian journalist Prilepin has been awarded by Tribeca festival for his propaganda-ridden documentary, glorifying pro-Russia enclave created in Donetsk region for its war on its motherland, Ukraine.

How could you people, being in your right mind, fall for the cheap hateful propaganda by Putin and his cronies? Aren’t United States took a stand against exactly that very propaganda, part of Putin special operation aimed at seeding divide and mischief in all civilized world? Am I missing something or is it you, encouraging Russo-Fashists like Zakhar Prilepin?

Don’t you know how painful it is for people like me to see my own home land in Ukraine being ravaged by the Russian artillery and young Ukrainian soldiers killed by Russians, fallen on their soil, defending it?

Zakhar Prilepin is a war criminal and should share his bench with Putin in Hague.

You, in turn, like all “useful idiots” deserve eternal shame and infamy for aiding and abetting through encouragement.

Your big shots like Robert de Niro and al Pacino are too, deserve being shamed for their substantial clout used to promote wrong values and encouragement of the war criminals.

For their participation in this shameful act I publicly denounce them and call them for who they are, cowards and fools. They lost me as their fan for good.

I strongly advise you revert your decision and cancel this award. Fashists don’t deserve awards, they deserve a bullet.

I am calling you out on this if you can accept it. I can tell you who you awarded and what they are doing in my home land.

Vladimir Zaichikov
New York

Open letter to the Tribeca Film Festival organizers
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