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Kiev, UA
Friday, April 23, 2021
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Stratolaunch. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Stratolaunch. The world’s biggest rocket-launching aircraft completes its first test flight

Stratolaunch will likely be moving ahead with higher-altitude test flights – gradually bringing the plane up to its maximum cruising altitude of 10,668 m (35,000 ft).
Bayraktar-TB2. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukraine confirms procurement of Turkish unmanned combat aerial vehicles

Bayraktar unmanned aerial vehicle is a Medium Altitude Long Endurance class system developed for tactical reconnaissance and surveillance missions.
Su-27UB, Ukraine. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Su-27UB fighter jet crashed in Ukraine

A Ukrainian Su-27UB twin-seat combat trainer/fighter jet with two pilots crashed during a training exercise on Tuesday. Two pilots have been killed.
UAV Antonov. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Antonov unveils long-endurance unmanned aircraft system concept

Antonov developing a new generation of the long-endurance unmanned aircraft system for surveillance and reconnaissance missions.
MiG-29 Ukrainian Air Force. Kiev reporter. News from Ukrainevideo

Ukrainian Air Force received two upgraded MiG-29 fighter jets

The MiG-29MU1 can carry air-to-air missiles; pods of unguided rockets; air bombs weighing up to 3,000kg and 30mm built-in aircraft gun with 150 rounds of ammunition.
UK Future Combat Air Concept programme. News from Ukraine

UK unveils next-generation jet fighter during Farnborough Airshow

During the Farnborough International Airshow 2018 for the first time was unveiled a concept of next-generation jet fighter developing as a part of Future Combat Air Concept programme.

Ukrainian Air Force

They are the defenders of the sky. They fly faster than the speed of sound, marvel at the blackness of space above and feel the speed and dynamics of the flight. They are military pilots of the Air Force of Ukraine.
matrix uav. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukrainian company offers unique drone’s wall for a border with Russia

Multipurpose unmanned aerial vehicles capable to reconnaissance and monitoring of roads, borders, forests, and waterways, detect targets in the battlefield, traffic, state borders.

B-2 bomber. One of the most feared aircraft in the sky

The B-2 was originally intended to carry nuclear bombs deep into Soviet territory if the Cold War had ever turned hot. Its shape – paired with the plane’s stealth systems – would enable it to be undetected by Soviet radars.
AN-77. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

New Ukrainian transport aircraft become sensation in Turkey

Ukrainian AN-77, AN-178 transport aircraft and project of new jointly AN-188 cargo plane have become a real sensation of Eurasia Airshow.
An-225, Ukraine. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

AN-225 Mriya makes first flight after maintenance and modernisation

Antonov AN-225 Mriya (NATO codename “Cossack”) the World’s largest aircraft made first fly and operational testing after maintenance and downtime at Gostomel airport in Ukraine.
UCAV Excalibur. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Excalibur Aerospace announces to test airborne laser for UCAV

Excalibur Aerospace announced ambitious plan to test 1.2MW conformal phased array hybrid solid-state / free-electron laser undergoing atmospheric testing and software optimisation.

New weapons for the Ukrainian Air Force

Нelicopter (equipped with new engines and the 'Adros' optical-electronic suppression system) hit a given target. It takes only half a second to launch a full block of 20 missiles.