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Monday, November 23, 2020
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Tag: economic war

Gazprom. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Gazprom capitulates in gas dispute with Ukraine

A gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine, which translated into a reduction and later suspension of supply, will apparently finally end with Gazprom capitulating.
Nord Stream 2. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

The Nord Stream 2 threat to Ukraine and the rest of Europe

Opposition from Ukraine – the moral leader of Europe because it is the only active fighter against Russian aggression – should be enough to kill Nord Stream 2
Naftogas and Gazprom. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Bailiffs move in on Russia’s criminal monopoly Gazprom in the Netherlands

Naftogaz has a right to payment of $2.6 billion from Gazprom. The criminal monopoly Gazprom is weakened and the Nord Stream 2 corruption scheme may be dead.
Nord Stream. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Russia’s war against the West must be defeated: Nord Stream 2 must die

Nord Stream 2 is an unconscionable crime against humanity. If Western civilization is to be saved then Russia’s war of global aggression must be stopped and Nord Stream 2 must die.