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Monday, October 26, 2020
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Fascist Tribeca. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Open letter to the Tribeca Film Festival organizers

I was astounded to find out that Russian journalist Prilepin has been awarded by Tribeca festival for his propaganda-ridden documentary, glorifying pro-Russia enclave created in Donetsk region for its war on its motherland, Ukraine.
Ukrainian VILKHA 300mm guided rocket. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Ukraine finalises testing of new 300mm guided rockets

The new system can deliver strikes as far as 50-300km with a high degree of precision. The new rockets were launched from a 9K58 self-propelled launcher.
Zuckerberg. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Facebook closes 270 pages operated by a Russian Internet Research Agency

Zuckerberg: After 2016, we found that the Russian IRA had set up a network of hundreds of fake accounts to spread divisive content and interfere in the US presidential election.
Nord Stream. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Russia’s war against the West must be defeated: Nord Stream 2 must die

Nord Stream 2 is an unconscionable crime against humanity. If Western civilization is to be saved then Russia’s war of global aggression must be stopped and Nord Stream 2 must die.
Donbas in Flames. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Donbas in Flames. Guide to the Conflict Zone

Read the latest book “Donbas in Flames. Guide to the Conflict Zone”. This guide will be useful to journalists, researchers, war experts, diplomats and general readers seeking information on the war in Donbas.
UA tank Oplot. Kiev reporter. News from Ukrainevideo

Ukraine updates T-84 ‘Oplot’ tank

Ukraine’s major manufacturer or armored vehicles, the Malyshev Plant in Kharkiv, has earned more than 110 million US dollars over the past year.