Ukraine completes contract for supply Oplot-T tanks to Thailand

Oplot-T main battle tank, Ukraine. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine
Oplot-T main battle tank, Ukraine

Ukraine’s state-owned defence holding, UkrOboronProm, has successfully completed a contract worth more than $240 million for supply Oplot-T main battle tanks to Thailand, as reported by the press service of holding.

“The contract was fulfilled despite Russia’s unfair competition and military aggression. We are grateful to our strategic partners from Thailand for a wise understanding of the problems, faced by Ukraine and for their confidence that Ukraine is capable of overcoming the artificial obstacles, raised in our relationship,” said Pavlo Bukin.

According to him, “Thai contract” implementation allowed Ukraine to receive currency revenues to the budget and load the production capacities of UkrOboronProm (UOP) enterprises.

“Having fulfilled the export contract with Thailand, the State Concern aims for the production of tanks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The “Oplot” tank – passed into service in 2009 – requires renovation of some components, as important technological innovations emerged during this time. At the same time, the Armed Forces and UOP enterprises gained experience in operating the military equipment in the ATO zone. We are ready to integrate into the “Oplot” tanks for the Ukrainian Army technology, developed as a result of combat experience: We are talking about advanced digital equipment, in particular – the sighting complex and fire control system”, – said Pavlo Bukin.

He noted that works on new “Oplot” tanks are being carried out in accordance with research and development works that are being currently coordinated with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

These works also include a significant T-64 upgrade – operated in the Ukrainian Army – for unification with the “Oplot” tanks. The achieved level of fit-out will be further applied for T-64 main battle tanks modernization. Such unification will significantly reduce “Oplot” production cost and reduce the cost of T-64 modernization.

UOP State Enterprise “Malyshev Plant” carried out the works on tanks manufacturing. Implementation of this contract allowed Ukraine to receive an inflow of foreign currency to the budget and load production facilities of the enterprise.

A contract with Thailand was concluded in 2011 to the tune of over $240 million for the supply of 49 Oplot tanks. In April 2012, the Malyshev Machine plant began working on the contract.

The Oplot tank was developed by the Kharkiv-based Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau and produced by Kharkiv-based Malyshev plant.

Oplot tank

Oplot tank

Ukraine completes contract for supply Oplot-T tanks to Thailand
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