Ulana Suprun: they believe that Ukraine belongs to Russia. I do not. And never will


Recently, a politician said that I came to Ukraine on a UFO, which made me think about the film “The Arrival”. The hero of the film is a female linguist who does everything in her power to forge communication and an understanding between aliens and among humans.

The Arrival. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

To a lot of people in Ukraine, I am an alien. Because for the last 70 years, Russia’s Soviet Union created generations of Sovok. And being a Ukrainian in a land of Sovoks indeed makes me a Ukrainian alien. Yet, there are other Ukrainian aliens like me, but born in Ukraine, who know that the country we are trying to rebuild after a long Soviet occupation, will be truly independent. A country where we accept one another as human beings and build a system with the same rules for everyone, where each person has an equal opportunity to prosper.

Politicians who call me an alien are only seeking power. They sow distrust in the Ukrainian government, instigate fear in your neighbor, and uncertainty in Ukraine’s progress, instead of investing in our political, social, economic and cultural distinctiveness and development with the modern world. A world in which we reclaim our rightful place in the European cradle of civilization as an independent nation. Because that’s the true history of Ukraine.

I speak Ukrainian and English. I also understand Russian. When the Russians invaded and started the war against Ukraine, we trained thousands of Ukrainian dobrobaty and soldiers who spoke with me in Russian, but we understood that our common cause was the defence of Ukraine. Many of those in the special forces remain valued and respected friends today. We introduced them to our new friends from the British, American and Canadian armies with whom we communicated in English, and who are no less alien than I am. These English speaking aliens are, like I am, committed to Ukraine’s freedom. Many of them call Ukraine home today, just like I do.

Politicians who want to see me leave, who want to return the old corrupt system of medical care, are the same ones who want to see Ukraine stay Soviet. They will divide power among themselves to serve their own mercantile interests. Because that’s what a Sovok does – they spread Russian chauvinism turning free people into slaves. And some of the people doing this are Ukrainian speaking politicians.

Today, Ukraine is keeping Europe whole and free. And that makes us leaders of the free world.

There are people in power who will always see me as alien because I speak English and Ukrainian. I’d offer to help those people to learn to speak in English, because after all, anyone who wants to be the president of Ukraine should speak English in order to communicate with world leaders.

But then again, if you’re a politician who thinks that a “new course” should take Ukraine into Putin’s Russian World – the Russkiy Mir – well then, you won’t need to know English. Because they believe that Ukraine belongs to Russia.

Unlike them, I do not. And never will.

Ulana Suprun: they believe that Ukraine belongs to Russia. I do not. And never will
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