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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Antonov An-225 Mriya landed at the Oakland international airport

This Antonov An-225 Mriya landed at the Oakland international airport (runway 30) on September 9th 2018 at about 4:30 PM.
AS-12 Losharik. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Russian and US submarines clash in Alaska?

Russia and the US are holding urgent consultations due to an encounter between their submarines, according to a report by the Israeli military news portal DEBKAfile.
US Congress. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

US Congress approves $250 million in military aid for Ukraine

September 19, the US Congress House of Representatives approved the allocation of $250 million to military assistance for Ukraine.

Ukrainian soldiers in Japanese Manga style

Young Japanese artist Natsume felt deeply moved by the stories of Ukrainian soldiers defending their country in Donbas, and decided to start drawing them.

Volkswagen electric car set a speed record

Volkswagen ID.R's first electric racing car set a record at the Goodwood Speed Festival. Romain Dumas covered the 1.86-kilometer route in the south of England in just 39.90 seconds.

B-2 bomber. One of the most feared aircraft in the sky

The B-2 was originally intended to carry nuclear bombs deep into Soviet territory if the Cold War had ever turned hot. Its shape – paired with the plane’s stealth systems – would enable it to be undetected by Soviet radars.
Clauvino da Silva. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Brazil gang leader dresses up as teenage daughter in jail-break attempt

A Brazilian gang leader tried to escape from prison by pretending to be his teenage daughter when she visited him behind bars.

U.S. Coast Guard implements transfer of two Island-class boats to Ukraine

USA and Ukraine signed a certificate of implementation for the transfer of two 110-foot cutters to the Ukrainian government at the Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore.
Zuckerberg. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Facebook closes 270 pages operated by a Russian Internet Research Agency

Zuckerberg: After 2016, we found that the Russian IRA had set up a network of hundreds of fake accounts to spread divisive content and interfere in the US presidential election.
Trump and Flynn. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Michael Flynn’s treason: it’s all about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Michael Flynn had as his primary goal the lifting of sanctions against Russia while the Russians are still killing and wounding and torturing and kidnapping Ukrainians.
Maria Myrosh - Elon Musk is a Martian

First singer on Mars

Maria Myrosh, most likely, will be our first pop and rock star on Mars. So what about the tickets, Elon Musk?

SpaceX wants to use Starships as Earth-to-Earth transports

SpaceX is analyzing the use of single-stage Starship spacecraft as a potential rapid Earth-to-Earth transport system, meant to realize hypersonic mass-transit at “business-class” prices.
Putler and weapon. Kiev reporter. News from Ukraine

Spring 2018: Putin’s war is everywhere

March 13 was a busy day for Putin’s War against the West on many battlefronts, starting with the main campaign against Ukraine. Crimea, Donbas, USA, UK, Syria, Cyberspace etc.
Captain Marvel. Kiev reporter. News from Ukrainevideo

Captain Marvel by Marvel Studios. Official trailer

Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.